Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fan Art Day!

Huzzah! I am proud to announce the first of hopefully many Cinnamon Bunzuh Fan Art Days!
Let's get started, shall we? There are more after the cut.

Ifi can draw some stuff too! (She says that she would like to think that her writing is much more impressive.)


A while back, Trish was kind enough to draw us some of the non-sentient aliens in the series.
Up top we have a Kafit Bird, and below is an example of the bizarrely wheeled dual organism known as a Mortron. And on the right is a Mulefa from the His Dark Materials series, a wheeled creature that makes a bit more sense. I love how flabby that Mortron is. I would like one as a pet, though it looks like it may snap my hand off.

Otherwise, I'm still trying to work out how a creature with twelve wings can keep itself in the air. I do like the sort of marine-mammal-esque look she gave it, in anycase.

Check out Trish's blog here.


Next up, we have this utterly gorgeous series of playing card-style portraits of the Animorphs cast, courtesy of Alexa Bosy.
The layout on this thing is honestly magnificent. I also am a bit amused by how the first two are put together by the series's two romantic pairings, and then in the last one is just has Marco and Ax stuck together. (Also, the Escafil device that Tobias is holding is a very nice touch.)

Go check out Alexa's blog here. There is some more Animorphs stuff here, in addition to plenty of other characters and designs.


Next up, we have Chris Russo's utterly baddass depiction of Visser Three and his various pets.

Visser Three shall take none of your guff, thankyouverymuch. Also, those Mortrons are just about the cutest thing I have seen anywhere ever. They look like something out of Mario Kart or something. In addition: Butt-Cat. Hee.

Chris's website may be found here. Go look at it. It has some rather crazy stuff.


Last but certainly not least, we have this magnificent piece, courtesy of Eric Kowalick, (Also known for his work on Bogleech.) Hopefully without giving to many spoilers away, it depicts the ancient alien sponge-thing known only as Father.

I am utterly loving the sense of depth in this thing. You look at it, and you don't know how long that the whale creature has been hanging there. Weeks? Years? Centuries? The fact that it still has its luminescence working after such time adds an eerie quality as well. I am rather digging the use of texture here as well.

You can see more of Eric's work on his Deviantart page, here.


And that's all we have for now! Hopefully you like what you saw, and if so, we may just have another one of these sometime. Let me know what you think.

Also: I have an additional surprise coming soon for you guys.
mwahahah. Mwhahaha. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Have a good night! =)


  1. Please let there be another one! All this great fanart makes me want to step it up for next time. I like Alexa's in particular, especially because it brings up the possibility of Marco/Ax. That would probably be the weirdest ship ever. And I love it.

  2. This was super sexy fabulous

  3. Oh my gosh, so awesome! Please have another. Also, now I'm glad I didn't send anything in because my scratchy little drawings would have looked even worse next to all this beauteousness. :P

  4. Don't let that discourage you! See artwork that you like as something you can both aspire to and learn from, and don't let it scare you away from making your own stuff.

  5. just jumping in to reply to chris and say that ax/marco is actually a ship. or at least it was the last time i looked. i could've sworn the tvtropes page referenced it in a 'pair the spares' entry, but i can't find it anymore and don't want to dig through all the tropes on the page right now.

    i think it comes mostly from them not having any canon love interests for longer than one book and that they lived in the woods together for a while.

    1. Luna the andiliteApril 20, 2013 at 2:55 PM

      Well, i do think i remember from one book from the narrative of Cassie that had a Rachel and Marco seemingly hating each other, but actually not, or something. Then there was a joke i remember that Marco made once, being a Rachel x Ax.

  6. I am honestly not surprised.

  7. awesome! iwish i could see an andalite bladeship and a yeerk poolship! :DDDD

  8. I'm not a big art fan, so I only came wandering over here when someone else mentioned this part, but I like the stick figure team portrait. I just wonder is the set-up and positioning of the characters deliberate? Because it seems kind of appropriate, such as Tobias facing off in a different direction, connected to the team by the thinnest tether (Rachel's hand, appropriately enough), while Rachel looks enthusiastic, and Jake is also facing the wrong way, appearing concerned, as if he can't share his friends' perspective, because he's the one who has to worry about the more problem-child members (Rachel's violence and Tobias' sufferings). Ax, of course is split apart, and Marco to a lesser extent. Marco also has a kind of downcast expression, fitting with his always being able to see the worst in any situation. It's all so accurate in such a minimal style.

    For all that you decry your artistic abilities, Ifi, you have a knack with conveying character or expressions really well with these ridiculous stick figures. The Rachel-with-a-dracon-beam Facebook post in the reviews is epic.