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Book 45: The Revelation

The Summary
Marco's dad and his coworkers have discovered Z-space. Marco freaks out. Ax sobs desperately into his pillow.

The Yeerks try to infest Marco's dad, but Marco is not having any of that despite the fact that Jake was very specific about not stepping in. In gorilla morph, Marco grabs Dad and runs away with a bunch of Yeerks in pursuit. He explains everything to Peter, including the whole Eva thing. Then he drops him off with the Chee.

The Animorphs are not thrilled about this development, but what's done is done. They make Ax and Peter build a Z-space radio and use it to intercept a Yeerk transmission. Visser One, apparently, has screwed up her last mission and is being executed in the Yeerk Pool like, right now. The Animorphs decide to go rescue her. They justify it to themselves somehow but really everyone knows that they just want to get Eva back.

The rescue mission is a success, featuring the Animorphs stealing a Bug fighter and shooting at random objects in the Pool to induce chaos. Edriss is killed, Eva is rescued, and Marco's parents move in to the Hork-Bajir valley.

The Review
Adam: Sure.

Adam: So, suitably, Marco is walking off the set of a Michael Bay movie.
Ifi: Awesome
Adam: We already did the "cool guys don't look at explosions" reference.
Ifi: Other than that, yeah, it's a cover. There's an ant. There's Marco. There's a nonsensical tagline. Yep. It's a book.
Adam: Yeah, this cover really isn't too interesting.
Adam: The gorilla would have been more thematically appropriate, but they did that already, so I guess we are stuck with the ant.
Ifi: Underwhelming
Adam: But!
Adam: but
Adam: There is one aspect I can talk about!
Adam: And that is: the header!
Adam: For the second time in the series, they changed the color formatting.
Adam: Now it is metallic text over a plain border, rather than the reverse.
Ifi: Shiny
Ifi: Why not make the whole thing metallic
Ifi: Heck why not make the whole cover metallic
Ifi: Like a holographic pokemon card
Adam: It would be too distracting
Adam: The eye needs a place to rest
Ifi: And while we're at it let's make the inside pages shiny too
Adam: …No.
Ifi: :( You have crushed my dreams
Adam: They were delicious.

Ifi: So once upon a time Dad comes home from work all excited
Ifi: Babbling about some nerd shit
Adam: Eh, who cares about that.
Adam: I'm not reading science fiction for science!

"We've been stuck on the surface of the cone all this time. When we want to go anywhere, we have to travel on the line. But now, imagine someone notices the singularity. A point with no size, no breadth, no extent. The physical representation of nothingness. By itself, it's nothing. Yet it's the starting and ending place of everything! A multiplier of real space!"


"What could you call it?" Dad continued. "Zero, I suppose. Zero-space."

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Adam: Dun dun dunnnnn
Adam: Also:
Adam: wait
Adam: Do you really expect me to believe that the human engineers who invented it would have come up with the exact same terminology as the andalite scientists when they invented this centuries ago?
Adam: Breaking the suspension of disbelief just a weeeeee bit.
Ifi: Yeah there was that but
Ifi: Whatever

Adam: So, expectedly, this makes Ax's head explode.
Ifi: Ax refuses to believe that stupid primitive naked monkeys have figured out z-space already.
Adam: Even though he kinda accidentally gave the same group of human engineers a bunch of andalite computing technology a few years ago.
Ifi: lol whoops
Adam: Seerow's Kindness? Who needs that, anyway?

Ifi: Then Marco's dad gets a mysterious late-night phone call

"It's Russ," said the flat male voice. "There's been a car accident. Russ is dead."

"Oh, God!"

"Russ's wife is…she's hysterical, she's…you know what it's like. You lost a spouse. We thought you'd be best at comforting her. Can you swing by her place?"

"Sure," Dad said.

I hung up the phone. Heard Dad head downstairs, still on the line, getting the widow's address.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Honestly Yeerks there are less complicated ways of doing this
Adam: They do have that whole freezing people laser thing.
Ifi: Luckily Marco catches up just in time

Two Hork-Bajir stood rigid guard. Beyond them, two human-Controllers wrestling my father Into a chair…tying him down…securing him next to a portable Yeerk pool!

One of the men was Russ. The "dead" guy was alive.

I stood up. Forget about caution and stealth and security. Forget about everything except Dad, instinct said.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Here we go.
Adam: If this were a movie, this next segment would be in slow motion.

I raised a huge, black fist to break the glass. I had morphed, without realizing or willing it. Gorilla: my outward expression of an inner rage too great to contain.

That was it. This was the end of smart. And the beginning of right.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Marco Marco I just want to hug you
Adam: Punching things is how he cries.

And a Yeerk slug began to slither into his ear!


It was maybe the weirdest moment I'll ever live. In an instant, everything changed. Live action became slow motion. I saw Dad's future in my hands.

My hands alone.

I charged forward, arm extended, hand outstretched.

Slow…too slow!


Yes! I caught the slug's slippery back half in my massive fingers and yanked it out of my father's head. Slapped it to the floor.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Adam: Squishy
Ifi: Sorta feel bad for it
Adam: Yeah, prolly just some Yeerk engineer who got roped into this whole proceeding.
Ifi: He was just starting to think he'd gotten lucky, what with surviving both the anti-morphing ray incident and the Horquatic-Bajir
Adam: And then he meets his end via ape-foot.
Adam: Just sad.
Ifi: Rachel shows up and hits people until they all run away

Ifi: And Marco grabs Dad and there is a car chase
Adam: Marco makes his dad drive.
Ifi: Only to take the wheel back!
Adam: I am not sure which of them would probably do the better job there, admittedly

I grabbed the wheel. Stretched and punched my massive foot onto the gas, right on top of Dad's shoe.


We took off like a Formula One.

"Ahhhh!" Dad yelled. Either I'd smashed his foot or my driving was even worse than I thought.

The Yeerks were stuck to our tail. I ran a red light, swerved onto an exit ramp, merged into highway traffic. Or tried to…

Horns screamed obscenities. I did feel a little bad about grazing the Jeep Cherokee. And that Dodge. And the Honda.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: "Shit you drive like my first wife."
Adam: <Yeah, dad, we're going to need to talk about that...>

Ifi: They lose the Yeerks, but then Dad decides that he has had enough and tries to run away.
Ifi: Peter do you do nothing but make bad decisions?
Adam: Peter has clearly not seen Terminator 2 enough times.

<Dad!> I called in thought-speak. In the voice that was my own.

He froze. Turned. Looked back at me. In the glow of the car headlights, I began to demorph. To slowly transform from beast to boy right before my father's eyes.

Dad stood still as a statue, eyes wide. As my body took shape, I saw tears start to well in his eyes.

"It's me," I said as soon as my human mouth formed.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Adam: ...oops
Adam: And there goes the book.

Ifi: I have a question, what edition of this book do you have?
Adam: Well, I was getting these books as they were first released, so I am assuming the first one.
Ifi: This might be my fuzzy memories, but I remember two things about this diner scene from the first time I read the book.
Ifi: The first thing is that when Marco shows Dad his morphs, he mentions morphing directly from one animal to the next, without stopping at human.
Ifi: Now the version I have now doesn't have this, and I'll admit that I may have hallucinated it.
Adam: No, he morphs part of the way, then goes back to human, then morphs again.
Ifi: The second thing was that when Marco tells Peter about his mom being alive, Peter calls his wife Laura instead of Eva
Adam: Wait, what?
Adam: Nope, it says "Eva" right here.
Ifi: I have no idea why my brain is insisting they got her name wrong
Adam: Your brain is fully of pudding.
Ifi: I know Laura was the TV-Eva, but I didn't know that the first time I read this book.
Ifi: So
Ifi: I don't know
Adam: Sometimes childhood memories meld together in odd ways.
Ifi: It was probably all the acid I did in elementary school
Adam: That would certainly explain a bit.

Ifi: Ok so
Adam: Marco's dad Knows.
Ifi: He's sort of a baby about the whole thing
Ifi: Marco has to be the mature one for him
Adam: Marco is kind of used to that sort of thing, though.
Adam: I mean, that was pretty much their relationship pre-book 5.
Ifi: Oh yeah that is true

Ifi: Dad is dropped off with the Chee
Adam: Peter gets to play with puppies all day while Marco & co run around doing grownup business.
Ifi: Also I love how nobody makes any effort to save Nora
Ifi: Marco even admits he could have tried, but didn't
Ifi: Erek doesn't seem too concerned either
Adam: Marco, you suck.
Adam: And Erek, weren't you invited to the wedding, even?
Adam: Or am I making that up?
Ifi: I don't know. I mean he was at the funeral...
Adam: I thought that was on Yeerk business, though.
Ifi: Well the point is nobody cares about Nora
Adam: By the time anyone bothers with anything, she's a Controller already.
Adam: Everyone sucks.

Ifi: The Animorphs decide that this Z-space telephone thing is too cool for them not to have
Ifi: They can't steal it because duh, so Marco suggests that they make Peter build one since he's not doing anything anyway
Adam: For some reason, they make a big deal about preventing the Yeerks from getting their hands on it, even though they have had this technology for decades.
Ifi: Yeah I am a bit foggy on that
Adam: I got nuffin.

Ifi: Ax and Marco go back to Erek's place
Ifi: Ax gets sidetracked


No answer. Just a crunching sound in the kitchen.

I backtracked. The refrigerator door was open. I peered over the top.

The Chee are very hospitable. Milk and cookies were waiting for us in the fridge. Ax had decided it was snack time.

"Orr-ee-oohh!" he said, looking at me wide-eyed. Brown crumbs and frosting covered his chin.

"Come on!" I ordered.


----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Ax just goes through random fridges

Adam: I really would have thought that he had the hang of this by now.
Ifi: Also Marco and the Chee do this awesome thing where they fake his and Peter's deaths
Adam: And Erek's dad nearly dies.

But it was Mr. King I was really worried about, the Chee who had played the part of my dad. He'd been reduced to a clump of patchy holographic images. Beneath and between the weak projections of human body parts, I could see damaged circuitry. The elaborate mechanical frame was now nearly skeletal.

"His projection capacity has been severely damaged," Erek observed, coming closer.

"Can you fix it?" I said anxiously.

"I hope so. But I have to get him home first. His structural matrix is in obvious jeopardy."

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: That sounds serious
Adam: Oh well! Nobody cares about Mr. King!

Nora had been a nice lady. Could I have saved her? Could anyone have saved her? The Yeerks must have taken her away in the night, as Dad was begging me to let him return home to get her.

I'd known she was in danger and I'd done nothing.

That was wrong. What was worse is that a part of me had wanted her out of our lives.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Nobody cares about Nora
Adam: Nobody cares about anyone.
Adam: I am going to go sit in the corner and be sad.
Ifi: Then we get more special humans

<At times you humans truly scare me,> he muttered softly. <A mere four decades from first orbital spaceflight to the discovery of Zero-space communication?> He stamped the dirt with a hoof for emphasis. <We Andalites may wish we had left you to the Yeerks.>

"So far you Andalites have left us to the Yeerks," Rachel pointed out dryly.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Adam: You can practically see Ax getting metaphorically slapped right in front of you
Ifi: Due to being magical, Ax manages to intercept a Yeerk transmission right there.

<There is one thing,> Ax began. <One very disturbing conclusion that I can draw, though with limited certainty.> Ax looked at me. <Visser One has returned to Earth. But for a grim purpose. She is being held at the Yeerk pool. She is to be executed as a traitor.>

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: I guess she screwed up the Anati thing
Adam: I want to see what happened there.
Ifi: Right?
Ifi: Part of me is like...
Ifi: You knew this was your last chance, HOW could you screw this up?
Adam: Did she take on an Anati host body, get too attached and was ultimately forced to abandon her Anati hostbody's kids?
Ifi: Goddamnit Edriss
Adam: That is absolutely what happened, isn't it?
Adam: And then her host body's larva ends up a high ranking member of the Anati rebellion, who has several run-ins with her, nearly killing her several times but failing.
Ifi: I am surprised she didn't have an escape plan. I mean she knew this was going to happen if she failed. She should have been able to be like "lol bye" when they came to arrest her, and then dashed off to wherever with a portable Kandrona and all the ramen she could carry.
Adam: Unless…the yeerk we see shortly isn't actually her...
Ifi: Oh man
Adam: Yeah, I am totally BSing this, but feel free to run with it.

<From what I understand,> Ax continued, <death as a traitor means death by Kandrona starvation. The event awaits only the necessary witness from the Council of Thirteen, who will arrive in two days. Visser Three will then be elevated to the post of Visser One. And,> Ax added, <there are rumors—nothing concrete, but suggestions—that the execution of Visser One is part of an overall change affecting Earth.>

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: "Sweet guys let's go save her."
Ifi: "Yeah ok sure why not."
Adam: Since they have nothing better to do, they decide to go break into the Yeerk Pool.
Adam: Because that's something they always enjoy.
Ifi: To be fair, we have all been waiting for this moment for 40 books.

Ifi: Also you know how they can never break into the Pool in the same way twice?
Adam: Got to keep it dramatic for the readers.
Ifi: They steal a goddamn bug fighter
Adam: Aw yeah
Adam: They use a Hork-Bajir as bait, have a Yeerk team try to capture it, and then hijack the thing
Ifi: This ridiculous plan works a million times better than all of their other ridiculous plans combined
Adam: This series has a lot of plane hijacking

"How cool is this? This has got to be a limited edition sport model. I mean, wow. The Yeerks must only have made a few hundred of these."

I walked to one of the tiny windows. Red spotlights still crisscrossed the ground below, pulsing in deliberately slow cadence.

<Actually,> Ax corrected, <this is the standard model. Albeit the newest version.> His multifingered hands worked frantically to keep pace with controls made for the five hundred or so little claws of a Taxxon. <This model has been produced by the thousands.>

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Ax you are so mean
Adam: Ax is Dwight Shrute.
Ifi: Also he cannot fly the thing, but he manages to figure out that by zooming around randomly, he can force the autopilot to engage, which will take them directly to the pool
Ifi: Which seems like a gigantic security issue to me
Adam: It was apparently designed as a security feature, but whoever came up with that must seriously not have been thinking straight.
Adam: I suppose a lot of Taxxons tend to get drunk on the job, and they needed a way to compensate.

Ifi: It takes them underwater of all places, and we get to see the Yeerk hangar
Adam: This part is cool.

<All these fighters,> Cassie said in private thought-speak. <The Yeerks have an amazing force!>

Yeah, the power assembled here was more than any of us had expected. Dozens of Bug fighters. A Blade ship. And these were just the ones in for servicing.

If the all-out invasion came, it wasn't going to be pretty.

<Stay calm, everybody,> Jake said. <Pretend you know where you're going. And look tough.>

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: This is so cool
Adam: This book was written specifically for you.
Ifi: I want to run all around looking at everything
Ifi: Gawd we never get to do anything fun
Adam: You would get shot or infested or both.

And there, in the center of the sloshing pool itself, tied to a stake in the middle of the infestation pier, was Visser One.

My mother.

<That was easy,> Cassie said.

Visser One—my mother—was roped and chained. If there was a part of her body that wasn't bruised or bleeding, I couldn't see it. It hurt just to look at her.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Now I am sad
Ifi: Though also curious. What were they planning on doing with her host body?
Adam: Crucifixion?
Ifi: What the hell man.
Adam: That's what it looks like!
Ifi: I mean Edriss is going to die of Kandrona starvation. But Eva is basically fine. I mean she's injured but she won't die. So will they give her to someone new or what?
Adam: Do they have any effective way of getting a live Yeerk involuntarily out of its host?
Ifi: There's the one thing that eats them
Adam: Yeah, but this execution is part of a legal procedure, and eating people isn't part of that

<Okay, so the subtle rescue-and-escape plan is not happening,>Cassie said. <What…>

<Back to the ship,> Jake commanded. <Now.>

<And leave Visser One?> Cassie cried, indignant. <We've made it this far. We can't give up.>

<No one said anything about giving up,> Jake said.

He turned his fierce Hork-Bajir eyes toward the entrance to the connecting walkway. Scrutinized the channel through which we'd arrived at the Yeerk pool.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Awww yeah
Adam: Blow stuff up!
Adam: Hence the cover!

I took the controls.


An outbuilding disappeared. Another erupted in flames.


An unmanned earthmover vaporized. Controllers scattered in all directions. It was a Hollywood summer weekend movie. I ruled.

I turned the cannon on the pool. My mother might have been delirious, but her eyes went wide at the sight of the training cannon.

<Careful,> Rachel said.

I aimed at the edge. Not at the Yeerks, not at the Controllers. Just at the thick metal tank. The symbol of enslavement.
----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation


Ifi: Marco and Rachel get to Eva. Sadly, at that moment Ax is forced to fly away, leaving them to just chill on the pier for a while.
Adam: There are also apparently some elite Hork-Bajir guards who came along.
Adam: Fortunately, they blow up just as well as anything else.

<We're in trouble now,> Rachel said solemnly, pointing to a fearsome-looking group of Hork- Bajir marked with blue armbands on their bulging biceps.

<Who are those guys? They're…huge. Crap. They're the most pumped Hork-Bajir I've ever seen!>

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Hork-Bajir on steroids I assume

Adam: Marco and Rachel get to Eva, and Edriss tries to make a break for it.
Adam: This…doesn't work out too well for her.

No. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at me pleadingly.

"Kill it," she whispered.

What? I looked down on the pier. Visser One! The overgrown leech had escaped from my mother's ear and was trying to bail! It must have tried to drop into the Kandrona that was food, that was life…

Trouble was, the timing of the jump had been off. Visser One had hit the pier as we landed. And now it was wriggling away.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Eva that is not very nice.
Adam: I think she earned a bit of not nice time.

"I am Grath," he growled, eyes yellow-orange infernos. "I am the leader of the elite Blue Band Squadron. You will surrender or you will die."

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Geez, you give a generic Hork-Bajir a name and all of a sudden he thinks he's a recurring character.
Adam: Don't you know? If you give your name and you aren't a main character, you are bound to die.
Adam: It is a rule of the universe.
Ifi: Seeing as Grath is certainly not a Yeerk name, I'm going to have to assume that he gave his host's name. From that we can conclude he suffers from severe Taylor syndrome.
Adam: I dunno, I could see Grath 3792 or something being a Yeerk name, if a somewhat harsh sounding one.
Ifi: Anyway this pointless band of inexplicably named characters tries to kill Marco and Rachel.

But still, she raged. "You won't get away, filthy worm!"

Tseew! Tseewtseew!

<Ahhh!> Rachel cried. <I'm hit! Bad.>

Had to help Rachel!

"Kill it!"

Had to help Mom!


<Marco!> Rachel.

"Kill it!" My mother.

Insane fighter combat in the air overhead! More rock raining down!

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Eva they are kind of in the middle of something can you chill out for like a second

Then, without warning—

TSEEEEW! A red flash over our heads. Ka-BLAAMMM!

The Bug fighter blew apart, showering us with fiery debris! Mounds of guts and severed limbs everywhere!


Jake, Ax, Cassie, Tobias…gone!

All gone.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: They're fine.
Ifi: Just trust me on this one.
Adam: Because of reasons.
Adam: But we still have another 10 books to go, so they aren't going to kill off any protagonists now.

Adam: Esplin also shows up to the party, and turns into a giant toothy flying monster.

Suddenly, the dome went eerily quiet.

The other Bug ship had disappeared. No roar of engines. No Dracon weapons firing. No battle. A new sound...

The sound of laughter, mind-filling, evil thought-speak laughter, flooding the pool complex.

The Blue Bands froze in their tracks. I looked across the pool. Visser Three stood on the shore, his stolen Andalite head tilted back.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: About time he showed up
Ifi: Where the hell has he been?
Adam: Practicing his dramatic entrance.

Zzeeeeoowwwwww! A Bug ship zoomed out from behind a storage building!

A Dracon blast, right into the Bievilerd’s belly.

"Rooooaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" The visser shrieked. The fighter rocketed toward us.

<Marco!> It was Jake's voice…Jake's fighter!

<But I saw you crash!>

<No,> he said. <You saw the Yeerks crash. Where's your faith in the Ax-man? Hang on, we're coming in.>

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Adam: Yes, that totally makes sense.
Adam: Do they ever really explain this?
Ifi: I'm gonna let this one slide because they shot Visser Three with a Dracon cannon
Adam: Finally.

My mother's face was distorted. Real human tears ran from her cheeks. Rage, pain, joy…

And then her hand squished the parasite.

But the slug was still alive…


I slammed my foot on the still-wriggling worm. And it was clear…

…it was clear that Visser One's journey had ended.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: Well uh
Ifi: I uh
Ifi: I'm sad.
Adam: They finally killed a major recurring antagonist!
Adam: Should I throw confetti or something?
Ifi: I'm saaaaad
Adam: It was bound to happen eventually.

Ax lowered the shields. I jumped on board. Jake and Cassie leaped out, lifted Rachel, and set her inside. The operation took longer than it should have…

<The ship is hit!> Cassie yelled.

<It can't be!> Tobias said. <Ax?>

We dropped. The engines died like we'd pulled the plug.

Ka-PLASSSSH! We smashed into something…soft…something fluid.

Ax's nimble fingers worked frantically on the controls. I moved to a window.

<We're in the POOL!> I cried.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Ifi: facepalm.jpg
Ifi: and you were doing so well
Adam: It isn't an Animorphs book unless everyone almost dies horribly.
Ifi: Eva decides to give one last "fuck you" to the Yeerks before she goes

"Send the Dracon beam supply into overload," she muttered.

"What?" I said. "Ax, did you hear that? She said to send the beam supply into overload."

Ax turned his stalk eyes. <That will explode the ship. It will destroy us.>

"Ax, listen to her!"

<Does your mother wish to see us die?> Ax said privately.

"Ax, she's free now," I said. "She's free!"

"It won't explode the ship," she went on, gagging with the effort. "Not if you time it right. When the Dracon power supply reaches one hundred fifty-five percent of maximum, shunt it to the engines, then fire the beams to bleed off any overcharge."

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Adam: That makes no damn sense, but sure, let’s go with that.
Ifi: Eva bends the laws of physics through sheer vengeful spite
Adam: Admittedly, that does seem possible in the Ani-verse
Ifi: So Eva's first act as a free woman (second, if you count her attempting to kill Edriss) is to murder thousands of unhosted Yeerks.
Adam: In a way, this is not surprising at all.
Ifi: She now has a higher body count than the rest of the team combined.
Ifi: Anyway there's no topping that, so they all go home.

Ifi: Well no they can't actually go home
Ifi: Instead they go to the Hork-Bajir valley
Adam: Peter and Eva get reunited.

I didn't say anything. Neither did my mother. She just took off down the slope like a woman who hadn't seen her husband in months and months and months…

It was a movie cliche. It was lovers reunited.

It was the dream I'd had ever since I knew my mother was alive. Dad opened his arms and she tumbled into them.

They embraced. They held each other for a long, longtime.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Adam: So, you lose one wife, and immediately get your old one back.
Adam: That must be…interesting.
Adam: And by interesting, I mean his brain must be melting out of his ears.

"Marco?" he said in a whisper. "Was there any way to save Nora? Is there any way to save her now?"

His words made me feel a little sick. But by now, I knew that life, and love, were complicated.

"You know that I love her—"

I nodded. Made the decision.

"Dad, what if Nora was a Controller all along? What if the Yeerks put her in your path because they knew you were involved in secret work?"

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Adam: Marco, you are filthy liar, and you should be ashamed.
Ifi: Really he should. I don't even like Nora and I think this was a dick thing to do.
Ifi: Also: Peter, how the hell can you love Nora more than Eva. How can you love anyone more than Eva. She just killed like ten thousand Yeerks. While critically injured.
Adam: Wasn't there marriage extremely rocky until Edriss showed up?
Ifi: He just said that they would argue. But I assumed all married people argue.
Adam: Varies from couple to couple, I imagine.

Ifi: A little while after that, the Animorphs decide to use the Z-space telephone thing to make a phone call
<Who is this?> demanded the Andalite officer on the other end. <Who is initiating this contact?>

It was surreal! This voice…these words…

Our link to another world!

Jake signaled Ax to answer. But Ax shook his head. <No. I believe this is your moment.>

Jake glanced at each of us, ran his hand through his hair. "This is…" He cleared his throat. He glanced back at Ax and smiled. Then he leaned in close to the device.

"This is Earth," he said.

----Book Forty-Five, The Revelation

Adam: And we get some kind of weird ending caption thing.
Ifi: Yeah it makes no sense
Adam: We get it again halfway through the next book.
Adam: It makes no sense there, too.

We do know who they are…
and we know you, too…

----Your guess is as good as mine

Ifi: What?
Ifi: That doesn't even...
Ifi: That doesn't even.
Adam: Maybe it's The One?
Adam: Or those guys responsible for the future simulation experiment?
Adam: Bugger if I know.

Ifi: I loved this book
Ifi: yes it is riddled with ridiculous moments
Adam: It was a plothole ridden mess
Adam: But it was admittedly a lot of fun.
Ifi: I loved this book.
Adam: Also!
Adam: Plot!
Adam: This book officially marks the beginning of the climax to the series.
Adam: And that makes me a bit sad.
Ifi: Yeah :(
Adam: Yeah, aside from the wolverine Rachel book, all these books up to the finale are all plot, all the time.
Adam: A mixed blessing, I suppose.
Ifi: Suddenly I want nothing more than the silly pointless mayhem of the early series
Ifi: Let's all be young forever
Adam: We have entered a recursive loop of nostalgia.


  1. Great post, guys. I'd just like to elaborate on the awkwardness between Eva and Peter after Peter was married to Nora for a while. I mean, first of all, it's really hard to get over someone you love in the first place when they die, but when you marry someone else, does that mean you've stopped loving them? If they turned out to be alive, would there be awkwardness because of Nora? My personal theory is that Peter would have to take a while to get over Nora, all the while, Eva wants to be with Peter. It's a huge complicated mess.

    And if you followed that, you may just be a genius.

    1. I'm honestly rather morbidly curious as to what would have happened if they did manage to save Nora.

    2. You'd think someone would have brought it up, at least. Especially as Ifi pointed out back in the wedding book that they were absolutely sure she was NOT a Controller before this. I mean, too, "managed" would have to be translated as "actually bothered to try"...

      BTW, I think the awkwardness could have been awesomely multiplied if instead of Nora, Peter had hooked up with Loren or Naomi.

    3. Oh, my God. Cannoli. You need to write a fan fic with Loren. Right. Now.

    4. Do you see how my writing balloons? That's absolutely the worst trait in a fiction writer. I'd suck so hard at it.

    5. Who cares if you are bad at writing fiction. I'm terrible but I still write fan fiction for GONE. I don't even bother with a plot. I just throw 5 of the characters and a jar of nutella into an orgy.

    6. SINIZ, I think that requires a link. I'd read the shit out of your GONE fic.


      It isn't good at all. I scribbled it down during English class when the teacher wasn't looking and I was bored.

  2. I have found a really good Eva fanfic. Google "Animorph Fanficton the Husk"
    It's really good.

    1. All of that author's fics are great. Definitely worth checking out.

    2. What was the name of that insane one you found last week?

  3. Holy Plot, Batman!
    You have already said everything I was going to say about this book. Ah, well.

  4. Inb4giantwalloftextthatsaysmarcoistheantichrist


    I don't have too much to say about this book, other than the fact that I liked it. From here on out, the series hits the high mark- we have the Civil War diary, Ax vs the US Navy, Rachel pitted against David, and some returning characters from the Andalite Chronicles.

    If this was for an older crowd, I think it would be interesting to see how the writers would handle the Eva/Nora/Peter love triangle.

    And yes, The Husk is very good. Everything by that author is pretty awesome.

    1. Tobias SkywalkerMay 23, 2013 at 11:36 PM

      about Eva/Nora problem:

      depends a lot on how the relationship started and continued with Eva before it ended. This won't be a universal rule by any means at all.

      For example, let's have a counterexample:


      what did I just..

      never mind.

      Vader and Padme. Let's say Padme turns up alive after all that time in the Original Trilogy.


      Because Qui-Gon taught her how to be a Force Ghost. Because Space Magic. look just assume it.

      I don't think Vader and Padme would get back together. It would be a turgid horrendous mess.

      But now let's say--

      let's one of the two lovers in Beauty and the Beast 'dies'. And goes through this.

      And then Beast remarries. And then New Chick Girl gets Yeerked, and Belle, who was Visser Zero, (the in-field Rank of the Emperor when they're doing action-job stuff instead of desk work, and also the rank of their Body Guard Decoy who is the Ambassador of the Council of 13 to the Vissers)

      ^Yes, this already way, way, way too complicated an 'answer', but assume now that someone out there will read this, and someone out there is now writing a KND-inspired fanfic centering around the enigmatic and intimidating VISSER 0 :D Visser 0 vs. the One.

      So I think Beast would have no problem whatsoever falling practically instantly back in love with Not-So-Dead Belle, though he would have guilty feelings about missing Whatsherface the 2nd Wife. :P

      I mean come on, she's Visser ZERO. o.o He HAS to love her! :O

  5. It makes sense to off the host, actually.

    Eva probably has absorbed a lot of yeerk top secret info. Giving her to any yeerk of any other rank is a huge security risk, especially considering Edriss's relationship with the Emperor. Better to just kill her.

  6. I'm confused as to why this plot happened. Did they seriously mount a major raid on the Pool just to save Marco's mom?

    And Eva won't have even close to the highest body count by the time all is said and done.



    2. Calm down, you two. Do I need to get the water hose?

    3. You'll never dampen our spirits!




    6. You do italics and bold by putting a "b" or an "i" in front of the italicized or bold bit, and a "/b" or "/i" at the end. But they have to be in thought-speak quotes.

      So in order to write this: Where is your house these days?, you would write (b)Where is your house these days?(/b) only you would use the thought-speak triangle things instead of parentheses. Those marks will not show up on a lot of internet sites, which is why a lot of fan-fiction stories you people post links to don't use them. This is why they don't show up, they are intended for use in font codes and stuff.

    7. "Where is your house these days?"



    9. Can i write bold? What about italics?

    10. Can I write in BOTH

  8. I really didn't like this book. Marco is such a jerk, and, remember in book 31, when it becomes apparent that Tom is targeting Jake's dad, he tells Jake that its too bad that he lost his dad and that he shouldn't interfere. And yet, when Jake says they should monitor Marco's dad, just to make sure he is not a Controller before they act, Marco yells at him about not caring. Marco is the first to leap down the others throats for helping people or trying to protect their families, but he does it the most. Not only does he do this, when he does it causes the biggest security risks possible, to the point where the others feel they must keep him under gunpoint whenever Visser Mom is near. He feels that either of his parents is worth the team, its secrets, and humanity in general. He's supposed to be the big head-of-security, but he is the biggest security risk by far. As a matter of fact, the only reason the Ellimist put him on the team is because he was going to be Visset Mom's son an insure they would go offensive when she is around. That's all he brings to the table.

    1. Note too that he is doing the Cassie thing of equating what he wants with the "right" thing to do. As quoted above, when he breaks cover to dive in to rescue his father he phrases it this way:
      "That was it. This was the end of smart. And the beginning of right." It was the RIGHT thing to do, only because Marco wanted to do it. They're letting Tom walk around with a Yeerk in his head all these years, but Marco can't even let his father be infested for the few minutes or hours or days it takes until they can get him in a more advantageous position or something.

      I think it's because Marco & Cassie are only children. Kids are, for the most part, the raison d'etre of families, so they grow into awareness believing that the world revolves around them as the recipients of unconditional love and support and approval. Children without siblings may retain that kind of belief subconsciously throughout their lives (not that this always makes them jerks, it's just their perspective is skewed a bit). Children who grow up with older siblings (Jake, Ax) learn humility by seeing that while their parents constantly praise them, there is someone who is better than they at most things. Children with younger siblings (Rachel) learn responsibility, and even though their parents treasure and protect and care for them, they see that there are people who are even more protected and cared for and coddled. Either way, as a sibling, you get to see that your parents' world doesn't revolve around you in particular, but around all their children collectively. You learn about equality by seeing that they love you all equally, and you learn to value and respect others by seeing that your parents value and respect the other kid(s) as much as they do you.

      But Marco & Cassie never learn that lesson. While their parents do raise them to be more or less decent people, they are also the two most influenced by their parents. Until he's threatened, Jake's father is practically a non-entity. Rachel & Tobias' parents are mostly known for how their choices screw with the kids' lives. But Cassie's major traits are derived from her parents (animal stuff), and almost every Marco book is driven by his parental issues. What about Rachel screams "daughter of a lawyer & TV newsman" or Jake "son of a pediatrician & writer"? How do you get 'leadership' or 'gung-ho warrior' from what we see of the previous generation of Berensens?

      But because they are used to being the most important people in their own lives, Marco and Cassie are always the ones insisting on things being their own way. Cassie is always trying to ram her so-called morals & ethics down their throats, and Marco is always violating the rules he sets for others when they apply to his personal situation. Neither ever had to compromise with a sibling or share time and attention with a sibling, so subconsciously, they are used to getting their own way to a degree, and expect to keep on getting their own way.

      In a way Jake & Rachel exacerbate this quality by being their best friends. Cassie & Marco have the kind of friends who are immune to the most common ways kids learn their limits among their peers - Rachel would never be snubbed or belittled by the popular crowd and Jake would never be bullied. And by being as friendly and loyal to their BFF, they extend that immunity, so Marco & Cassie are less likely to face negative peer feedback.

      All in all, a confluence of factors contribute to enable the worst aspects of Marco & Cassie's characters.

    2. ... you left out Tobias when talking about all the only children.

      Anyway, Marco is a self absorbed asshole. YAY!

    3. Tobias doesn't really count. Jake & Rachel are balanced in that their siblings cancel out the parents. Marco & Cassie have parents, but no siblings, so they lack that balance. Tobias lacks both, so he still has balance. He doesn't need the lessons of a sibling, because he's never had the unconditional love and support from a parent, just the occasional nice teacher to keep him from totally going dark side. I also cited negative peer reinforcement as augmenting the sibling stuff, and Tobias definitely go that.

    4. Cassie doesn't really apply to the irresponsible only child bit. She has more responsibilities than the rest of them, what with the Wild Life Rehabilation thing. Walter even says to Cassie's mom that they can't punish her because she's already working at the barn and The Gardens. On top of that, she has the Animorph PTSD that they all do.
      For those of too stupid to figure it out,
      Marco: Owl Nutter
      Cassie: Cannoli

    5. My point was only children are not irresponsible (I would not call either Cassie or Marco that), but that they tend to think of their preferences and wishes as the priority. That is why Cassie thinks it's okay to ram her so-called morals down everyone's throat, and that's why Marco is always willing to make himself the exception for the things he rips the others for doing. He's the biggest proponent of security but is also the biggest security risk, with his pop culture wisecracks and inability to stop being the center of attention. It'd not that either one is a sociopath, they are just simply unused to making allowances for other people's needs or wishes.

    6. Another thing. You say Rachel is more mature than Cassie of Marco. I don't agree with that. Just because someone has younger siblings doesn't mean they know how to share the spotlight. Rachel probably doesn't. In book 7, we see she is her dad's favorite. In book 13, we see that she is an amazing student. We see she is focused on in gymnastics, school, when she is split her dad stays at the airport specifically to see her, and can't be bothered to look at Rachel's sisters. When they go to the Hork-Bajir valley, her mother concentrates on her. Younger siblings usually are good at sharing the spot light, because they have always had to, and they generally regard older siblings as heroes or role models. Older siblings remember not having not sharing the spotlight, and aspire to be good enough to get it back and keep it on them. So your argument kind of falls apart when you try to use it to boost your Rachel obsession.

    7. I always thought the relationship with Rachel and her dad was more like "the son he never had," and maybe Rachel's dad is willing to spend more time with her because he feels that he has no clue how to handle more "traditional" daughters.

      Also about the split book, I think that a part of why Rachel is so focused on school and gymnastics is so that her parents won't fight. In the split book, there's a part where after talking to Rachel, her dad calls her mom asking if she's on drugs (he was talking to Nice Rachel), and then Naomi exploded at him and basically called him a deadbeat. She says that she was over the divorce, but her reasoning was, "two-thirds of kids are from divorced families," so she sucked it up. Can't answer you on the Hork-Bajir thing, however. Maybe she was worried for what her daughter was becoming and thought her other two daughters were safe with the multi-bladed aliens for some reason.

      And for the record, they are just a bunch of kids thrown into an adult situation. They're running on brains on the cusp of adolescence with only 13 years of life experience. Even with all they've been through, their brains are still not adult, and are not going to function as an adult's. (But Marco could have at least tried to save Nora, really. I think someone just wanted her conveniently out of the story, and having her outright die was seen as too harsh for some reason.)

    8. Owl Nutter, this is a book website. That presumes that the people who use it CAN READ. I didn't write that Rachel is more mature than Cassie (though I belive a case could be made) I simply pointed out that Cassie and Marco are the most prone to distorted sense of proportion regarding how situations affect them personally.

      Also, regarding your argument, you're basically wrong. A whole lot.
      - What spotlight? Rachel's mother barely notices what's going on in her life.
      - The few times Rachel does interact with her mother, it often involves Naomi telling her to watch her sisters or take care of them. Or ask her not to move to Fun City with her Dad. You never see Naomi trying to comfort her or anything.
      - She performs multiple activities successfully...? This is a sign of immaturity how?
      - The father thing is just that they have a close relationship, due to having a lot in common. There really isn't any indication that he neglects the other kids or that Naomi does so when they're exiled. We simply do not see what passes between Jordan & Sara and their parents because they are not PoV characters.
      - Naomi does not focus on Rachel in the Hork-Bajir valley, it is just that her interactions with Rachel are significant to the story. But no, go on, and tell me how Rachel has it better or easier when she is constantly in conflict with Naomi, who is pretty much 180 degrees out of synch with Rachel on everything, down to her prediction of Rachel's reaction to her father's admiration. Even if Naomi does appear to give her more attention, it might have something to do that when your child kidnaps you and drags you off to an alien hideout, THAT child's actions are going to be a LITTLE more on your mind than the two kids who think their life has just turned into an awesome cartoon. You're going to worry more about the one who is fighting in a war than the two who are safe under your eye.

  9. You should have replaced the explosion animation with that scene from" i am number four". go to youtube type" i am number four burning down the house"

  10. Loved the book, loved the review. :-) Thanks Adam and Ifi!

  11. Oh yeah, forgot to add, Adam, I totally wanted to go with your theory that the Yeerk we saw wasn't actually Edriss... but then, Eva wouldn't have been so determined to squish her :-(

    I felt kinda sad during that part too. But hey, we finally get Eva back! YAY!! Since this is Animorphs, there was absolutely no guarantee this would ever happen, so it's pretty cool to see something so good finally happen for one of the main characters.

    1. But you can hide who you are from a host. Cassie did so when she infested the voluntary controller. Edriss has plenty of people that are loyal to her. One of them could have been in her head at the time.

    2. I don't think that with the things Edriss has to hide, it'd let another Yeerk into a host where it could read Eva's memories of all the chicanery she saw Edriss get up to. For instance, it's one thing for a minion to know Edriss let the "Andalite bandits" go to embarrass V3, but to let anyone else know that they are human children, including the offspring of it's host? That's an awful lot with which to trust even the most loyal Yeerk.

    3. But Cassie had great difficulty hiding it, and she was only in her host for three seconds. This Yeerk was starving. This is established that the Yeerk is in so much pain they will say anything to make it stop. If there was a decoy Yeerk in her head, the decoy Yeerk would have told them she wasn't Visser One. It HAD to be Visser One, and the Animorphs' reason for rescuing Eva wasn't just to protect Marco, but because they were scared Visser One would have given up their location and identities to save herself.

    4. Bah you two. Edriss is still alive and that is that.



    5. "A point with no size, no breadth, no extent. The physical representation of nothingness. By itself, it's nothing. Yet it's the starting and ending place of everything! A multiplier of real space!...What could you call it?" Dad continued. "Zero, I suppose. Zero-space."

      "Do you really expect me to believe that the human engineers who invented it would have come up with the exact same terminology as the andalite scientists when they invented this centuries ago?"

      Yes. Or if they are going to, the reason Peter gives for choosing the name is as plausible as anything. The mathematical concepts as he explains them are pretty much universal. Even if the Andalites don't have the same counting system that we do, a system using a limited number of numerals would need a placeholder numeral like zero. As far as being the same as the Andalites' word, Andalites don't technically HAVE words. Their thought-speech transmits concepts, and the recipient's brain translates these ideas into words. Probably the human brain translates the notion as explained in thought-speak into the human equivalent concept of a multiplier that also represented nothing.

      Also, that nomenclature is probably the ONLY way Marco could have made the connection between the new potential for communication that Peter is describing, and the medium of interstellar travel and morphing.

    6. Except the concept of zero isn't universal. Humans didn't come up with it until about the 9th century.

    7. Actually, we have always had it. Zero is just a name of the void. For those who don't get it here:
      Things like cold, darkness, and zero aren't real. They are the names for the lack of. Darkness isn't real, it's just the name of the absence of light. Cold isn't real either. Warmth is, and cold is the description of the lack of warmth. Zero isn't real. It's just the lack of quantity or value. The concept of of zero was always there, the name or description we assign to it wasn't, it was invented in the Ninth Century. Does that make sense?

    8. We didn't come up with spaceflight until the 20th century, but Andalites did that. The point is, it's not a name, but a label. It's not hearing that the Andalite word for star is "star", it's finding out that they also understand the concept of nothing and the need to have a way to express nothing. Concept, not nomenclature.

  12. Okay, I just noticed the new title at the top of the page and it is ADORABLE.

    1. You get a cookie.

    2. Did you get a cease-and-desist notice, or were you just trying your hand at creativity? Either way, I like it better, but I suck at art and no one ever lets me pick paint colors, so that might not be worth much.

    3. I've honestly never liked the original header. I mean, I was trying to imitate the style of the book covers, but it never really had its own identity, and just struck me as kind of bland. I've been meaning to replace it for months now, really.

  13. We get Eva back! Yay! I really loved that. I really love the scene where she runs down to Peter and hugs him. I imagine that happening in a field of flowers. In the Hork-Bajir valley. Yes.
    Also, I think this is when the relationship between Marco and Ax starts to grow more.
    And also, I think this is the book where the models start looking completely different from the previous models.

    By the way Adam! I love the new header! It's cute~ I like that you can see the background through the letters. Or, it looks that way. Either way, awesome work!

    Oh, and, I was going to draw Ax sobbing into his pillow (it was going to have pictures of cinnamon buns on it), but I really sucked at it and I had homework and suddenly it was Friday.