Saturday, November 24, 2012

End-of-Series Retrospective

Ifi: Ok
Adam: So.
Adam: 54 books, 4 Megamorphs, 4 Chronicles, 2 cruddy CYOA books, 2 hurricanes, 5 fanfics, and lots of emotional trauma and we are finally done.
Ifi: I was honestly not quite sure that we would make it.
Adam: I would have yelled at you until we did.
Ifi: I should have thought before committing to such a large project.
Adam: If everyone went around thinking all the time, where would that get us?
Ifi: More naptime.
Ifi: Do you ungrateful goobers know how many naps I had to cut short to write these reviews?
Ifi: Like
Ifi: At least thirty
Adam: That's certainly a lot of naps.
Ifi: One a day. It adds up.
Adam: I may have stayed up til four in the morning finishing drawings perhaps a little more often then I should.
Ifi: I wasted countless hours of my life on fanfics. Hours that I could have spent on writing my own manuscripts. All for you.
Adam: Practice is practice.
Ifi: Yeah but I never edited them lolz
Adam: Get an intern next time.
Ifi: Anyway, we are not here to talk about me.
Adam: Aw.
Ifi: We are here to talk about this book series thing.

Ifi: There were a couple points I wanted to touch on, and I am sure Adam has his own.
Adam: Indeed.
Adam: Any particular place you would like to start?
Ifi: I think we should start with character
Ifi: One of the strongest points of this series is the diverse and memorable array of characters we're given.
Ifi: And I'm not just talking about the main six.
Adam: One of Applegate's strong points as a writer is being able to give a character a very distinct arc to them in only a limited number of appearances.
Adam: A particular favorite example of mine is Alloran, who grows rather interesting, all in the course of about three books where he has speaking roles.
Ifi: Unfortunately, this happens a lot. We get shown a really cool character, they are awesome for one book, and they are never mentioned again.
Ifi: (This also applies to alien races as a whole)
Ifi: When you consider the sheer amount of filler this series has, it's really sad.
Adam: I mean, when you're on the sort of contract that forces you to churn out a book a month, a large degree of filler is to be expected.
Adam: Which I guess leads back to the argument that the series would have been better if it was something more like the Harry Potter books; Each book longer in length, but far fewer of them, and released further apart.
Ifi: I think that is a good rule for anything. Quality over quantity and all that. But Animorphs was very much a franchise that was all about raking in as much money as possible.
Ifi: As evidenced by all the incredibly bizarre merchandise that was released
Adam: Shall we show show some examples?

Adam: The Animorphs Transformers line was just surreal.
Ifi: Here we see an inexplicably red Visser Three turning into...
Ifi: Jesus Christ I don't even know
Adam: "Inferno Creature"
Ifi: If someone wants to send me all the toys, I will happily review them.
Adam: (Everyone send us things. We like things.)
Adam: Now, the obvious problem here is that when you have a transforming toy, you have the bits of its alt mode hanging off its shoulders.
Ifi: Kibble!
Adam: Indeed.
Ifi: I love robots.
Adam: We know.
Ifi: No you don't get it I LOVE robots *winkwink*
Adam: And when the character is a robot, this looks perfectly fine. It makes the change look like a mechanical process.
Adam: But when the character is human but still has kibble...

Adam: We have a problem.
Ifi: This actually hurts to look at.
Adam: That's not the worst of it.
Adam: Now we get to the Tri-Rex

Ifi: Oh sweet baby Jesus
Ifi: The Tri-rex
Adam: Oh dear sweet whale-jesus
Adam: Yes, the Tri-Rex
Adam: Essentially
Adam: The Aniformers line
Adam: They made a combiner.
Ifi: Let me just read you the official packaging description
Ifi: It is priceless

The Tri-Rex came into existence when Jake, Cassie, and Marco broke into one of the Yeerks' genetic experimentation labs, and discovered a morph so powerful a single human could not hope to take on its form alone. But through the use of an advance morphing technique, each concentrates on a segment of the titanic beast and they merge together to become this powerful Tyrannosaurus rex! A team of one, the Tri-Rex is an unstoppable force, the prehistoric beast from the future!

Ifi: I can't even review that.
Adam: "The prehistoric beast from the future"
Ifi: I can't even REVIEW this.
Ifi: There is NOTHING I can say about this that it does not say for itself.
Adam: Here are what the individual pieces look like in their human forms:

Ifi: For the record, these...things were indeed released by the same company that sells Ifi her Transformers.
Adam: This is why you don't do drugs, kids.
Adam: Especially if you own a massive toy company.
Ifi: You can actually see how the manufacturers threw their hands in the air and said, "Fuck it, kids will buy anything."
Adam: Except this line got prematurely canceled.
Adam: So hurray for standards?
Ifi: I think a lot of them were retooled for some Beast Wars thing
Ifi: But yes, I hear the fandom backlash was wicked.
Adam: Even as a kid, I just found these toys really strange.
Adam: And I preferred robots anyway.

Ifi: Animorphs was very much a victim of capitalist greed.
Adam: (If you send this to Ifi, she'll review it also)
Ifi: (Drunkenly)
Adam: I'm trying to figure out how this game even works

Ifi: There was also, apparently, a TCG

Ifi: Probably trying to cash in on the success of Pokemon
Ifi: But who even knows
Adam: There was a cardgame for everything.
Adam: What on earth is that thing to the right of Rachel, though?
Ifi: She's just tripping out
Adam: Ah, I see.
Ifi: nbd

Ifi: So when we look at all of this...junk
Ifi: It is not hard to understand why some of the books were the way they were
Ifi: Some were excellent, especially the Chronicles. But some appeared to not even have been edited.
Adam: It is the way of the franchise.
Adam: If you hop over to Blogger Beware, you can see that Goosebumps was much the same way, in that respect.
Adam: I'm sure the Babysitter's Club was as well.
Ifi: Goosebumps was worse.
Ifi: Excellent CYOA's, though
Ifi: Some of the best.
Adam: Yes, those were some damn good CYOA's.

Ifi: I guess that leads me into the next thing I wanted to talk about, which was tone
Ifi: Animorphs has been applauded for handling mature themes in a realistic way and subsequently traumatizing an entire generation
Ifi: It has also been critiqued for, among other things, poop jokes, nonsensical logic, and that whole thing with Atlantis.
Adam: A certain degree of this can be pegged on the ghostwriters, but really Applegate was still responsible for the plot outlines, and penned the general synopsis to each book.
Adam: So she's still at fault for the Andalite toilet and the Atlantis books.
Ifi: Atlantis is actually a perfect example of a book that was written for the sole purpose of making money, rather than to tell a particular story or make a point.
Adam: I suppose this comes down to having to balance writing a mature series with the fact that you're working under an editorial department geared to selling as many things as possible to small children.
Ifi: The end result is a series that does not have a very consistent tone until the end.
Adam: it is unfortunate, but this tends to be true of any work of fiction that runs that sort of length while still trying to maintain a continuous plot.
Adam: There are exceptions of course, but it is a general rule.
Ifi: Also, I think we were regularly surprised at how graphically violent and even gory things could get.
Ifi: I think this just shows that you can get away with way more in books than you can on TV. If they made a TV show of the Animorphs that actually followed the books, parents would be livid.
Ifi: But there's this idea that books automatically equal good, so parents don't police them as closely, in my experience.
Adam: There's that, but I also think that violent imagery is just not as inherently visceral if you don't directly look at it.
Adam: Humans are a visual species, so traumatic imagery is not going to be quite as bad if it is only imagined.
Ifi: That is a good point.
Adam: So what you can get away with in a series aimed at children would be the sort of thing you see on an HBO show on television.
Ifi: As writers, we should abuse this mercilessly.
Adam: I have no personal objection to this.

Ifi: The last main thing that I wanted to talk about was plot.
Adam: How delightfully generic a topic! Do continue.
Ifi: Shut up.
Adam: So plot.
Ifi: Plot is important. In Animorphs, we had the overarching plot of "when are the Andalites going to get here/okay the Andalites are not coming what do we do", but also each little mini-plot of the majority of the books.
Ifi: And I know we just said this before, but I want to reiterate it. Most of those books could be cut.
Adam: In a long-running series, ideally a book should carry out and complete its own miniplot, but also contribute something to the overarching story.
Adam: Not all of them did this.
Ifi: Most of the filler books contributed nothing to the overall storyline, and sometimes even undermined the credibility of the characters and their situation.
Ifi: I mean, I am sure there were some good filler books...
Ifi: Though I cannot remember a single one
Adam: I enjoyed book 12.
Adam: The morphing allergy book.
Ifi: Oh come on!
Adam: And while many people may disagree with me, I found the first Helmacron book very entertaining.
Ifi: Them’s fighting words, mister.

Adam: Now, what would you consider a book where it contributes not necessarily to the overarching plot, but is important to someone's character arc, or has its own mini-storyline that is carried out further in the series?
Ifi: Like the Taylor books?
Adam: That's exactly what I was thinking of.
Ifi: The Anti-Morphing Ray was stupid as hell, but Taylor was great. And it did indeed contribute to Tobias' character arc.
Ifi: I approve of that sort of thing, because character arcs are important
Ifi: And everyone had one.
Ifi: Cassie not as much, but that's Cassie for you.
Adam: It seemed a lot like Cassie finished her character arc very early on into the series, and from then on there was only so much Applegate could do with her.
Ifi: So as punishment she got all the most terrible filler books.

Adam: Ah, I found an example of a good filler book.
Adam: Book 40: The Other.
Ifi: Titles are meaningless. Which one was that?
Adam: The one with the exiled Andalite couple.
Ifi: Oh yes!
Ifi: That was great! And it totally shouldn't have been filler, they should have explored it more!
Ifi: Alasss
Ifi: As is the lot of all cool things in this series
Ifi: It is never mentioned again
Adam: They could have easily brought them back, either to try to contact the Andalite homeworld, or after the Andalites finally do show up.
Adam: Alas indeed.
Ifi: Of all the things I regret about the series, I think the fact that Galf and Mirtle never came back was among the most disappointing.
Adam: Or the Andalite suicide squad, for that matter.
Adam: They also had a very interesting dynamic.
Ifi: Well like half of them died, and everyone hated the one chick, so...
Adam: I think the overall consensus we are coming to, though, is that for a science fiction series, it could have really used some more alien protagonists.
Ifi: Hellz yes
Adam: And a Taxxon Chronicles.
Ifi: And what about the Yeerk Peace Movement? I think that's my #1 issue with the plot. They just fell off the face of the earth.
Adam: They got a brief mention in Cassie's last book, but otherwise, yes.
Adam: They were setting up what could have been some sort of large scale Yeerk uprising, and it just never panned out.
Ifi: I have this horrible suspicion that they never got their big moment because it would have interfered with the big, horrible anti-war message that Applegate wanted to send.
Ifi: Also it's my personal headcanon that Aftran never became a whale, that's just the story that the Animorphs circulated to throw the Yeerks off her tail. She is actually a hotshot superspy who blows up Yeerk operations.
Ifi: Just in case you were wondering.
Adam: Does she just remorph into her Yeerk form on land?
Adam: Sounds uncomfortable.
Ifi: No, no, she is still a Yeerk. She has a host. The host morphs.
Adam: Who is her host?
Ifi: Someone awesome.
Adam: Bruce Lee?
Ifi: Yes.
Adam: Okay.

Adam: I would like to discuss the art for a bit.
Ifi: Go for it
Adam: David Mattingly's cover art is always rather hit or miss for a lot of people, but I felt that he did start to hit his stride around book 11 (with the jaguar morph.)
Ifi: That was a cool morph
Adam: Indeed.
Adam: Before that, there is an odd lack of consistency.
Adam: With the first book, Jake is just a photograph rather than a painting, and the mid-morph sections are done in CGI, which is just very strange looking, and the ones after that have a peculiar, brushstrokey look to them, and sometimes the faces were a bit wonky.
Ifi: Uh huh
Adam: Here, look:

Adam: The first two in particular have very different looks then the rest of the series, and not even in the same way.
Ifi: I actually did notice that
Adam: One complain I have coverwise is about the Megamorphs books.
Adam: If you are going to have a big, special addition book, you need a suitably exciting cover.
Adam: But the Megamorphs covers are all mostly just these bland, semi-abstract character art.
Ifi: I always remember them as being the worst
Ifi: Except that awesome dystopia one
Adam: The worst is Megamorphs 2, which has lots of exciting scenes of dinosaur fighting to draw from, but just gives you some floating eyes.
Adam: The dystopia one was the strongest of the four, but it still had a huge disconnect from the actual plot of the book.
Adam: If they had done the "Jake wakes up in a dystopian future" book as a Megamorphs instead, I could see it fitting a lot better.
Ifi: If I had been forced to review that book at Megamorphs length, I would have resigned in protest.
Adam: If it were a Megamorphs, it wouldn't have been ghostwritten, plus Applegate would have had to put more thought into it, meaning it likely would have been more coherent
Ifi: Nothing will ever make me like that book.

Adam: Here are my top 5 favorite covers:
Adam: (Just of the main books, otherwise the Chronicles would take up most of the spots)
Adam: 1) Book 43: The Test
Adam: 2) Book 29: The Sickness
Adam: 3) Book 36: The Mutation
Adam: 4) Book 8: The Alien
Adam: 5) Book 18: The Decision

Adam: If you couldn't tell, I like the alien covers a lot.
Ifi: You got me liking them, too.
Adam: Bwahaha
Adam: The odd one out on the list is the Atlantis book, which had some very interesting cover elements. The land in the background makes it look like Jake isn't just floating in space, and the transition of the pattern on his wetsuit to the orca skin was very interesting, and something I would have liked to see more of on other covers.
Ifi: I think we agreed that the underwater covers were usually the best
Adam: That we did.

Ifi: Now, I know a lot of people were looking forward to all my various lists of various best and worst things from the series
Ifi: But there was SO much stuff to talk about that I am actually saving it all for next week
Ifi: In which I will rant at length
Ifi: About various things that I have ranted about before
Ifi: It's really nothing new
Ifi: Don't even bother reading it
Adam: Yeah, okay.
Ifi: Adam may do his own lists as well
Adam: Yay more lists!
Ifi: If he feels like it
Adam: We shall see.
Ifi: So yeah.
Adam: So, that concludes our wrap-up.
Adam: …or does it?

Adam: I want to give a special thanks to Katherine Applegate, Michael Grant, David Mattingly, Romas Kukalis, all of the many ghostwriters, and all of the unsung editorial staff at Scholastic.
Adam: And a more general thanks to Jake Mates, Hope Chapman, everyone over at tvtropes, and all of our readers.
Ifi: Oh yeah them.
Ifi: Good job everyone. You weren't complete goobers.
Adam: *thumbs up*


  1. Hoo boy, them Animorphs transformers. Believe it or not, I actually had several when I was younger. I had Tobias, Rachel (who turned into a lion?), Visser Three (who became a WTF monster), Ax (who became... a scorpion?), and Jake, who became a bear, for some reason.

    1. yeah i still have the Ax one with the scorpion missile action tail

    2. Luna the andiliteApril 16, 2013 at 7:48 PM

      now, i don't get why Rachel didn't become the bear and Jake the lion. It would have made more sense. And if they really had to make him a bear, could it have been a polar bear at least?

    3. well Rachel had the lion morph in the TV series because i guess elephants and bears weren't that easy to muck around with

      hell Marco didn't have the gorilla either

    4. Yeah, the TV series made a number of decisions in the name of the TV show's budget. I heard in one of your reviews, on one of the rare occasions that Esplin actually goes stealth and morphs a human, that he had a whole human life in the TV show, a recurring human disguise? Think about the obvious reason for that. Which is less expensive: "This is the villain, he has a human disguise when he needs it but he prefers his own, alien form", or "this is the main villain's human form; his real form is a giant centaur with a glaive for a tail but he's trying to blend in on the planet he's conquering so he's going to be disguised as this guy most of the time."

      Yeah, exactly. I'd estimate 90-95% of changes made for the TV show can be explained by "no studio wanted to shell out megabucks for the special effects needed to properly display KAA's deluded creations.

  2. Looks like Marco got upset and had a lot more morphing troubles:

  3. I was always a little disappointed with the lack of payoff for the whole "have the Andalites been infiltrated/turned traitor" arc. It was very deliberately set up back in The Decision, and then it was (surprise surprise) never mentioned again. Seemed like Applegate had something fun planned, though she later admitted to having kinda just forgotten about it.

  4. I had the Ax/Scorpion transformer when I was a kid, and I'm pretty sure I traded it to one of my friends for a Beast Wars toy. That Ax was probably the best of the transformers because he was actually blue and looked like an Andalite when transformed. I don't know if there are blue scorpions out there, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    Thanks for reviewing the series; every Saturday for the past year I have looked forward to the massive nostalgia bomb brought on by reading your reviews of my hands-down favorite series as a kid. Whatever you review next, I'll be sure to check it out.

    My only beef with you two is that I loved book #14, and it is one of my favorites.

    1. Besides the toy thing, I completely agree with every word you said. Even book #14

  5. Oh man, there was a card game? Awesome.

    There was also a really shitty computer game! I think it was on the Animorphs website or something. It was like something out of DOS. As I recall, you were just like, a gorilla, and you moved around a black screen dodging Yeerks and collecting... I don't know, fruit?

    Sooooooo... did you two ever hook up?

    1. Ah yes, Shattered Reality. I know (un)fortunately very little about it, except that it came with very surreal cover art, and that it was apparently very bad. If anyone ever does a let's play, I would be rather curious to see.

      And Marco and Orange are soul mates! I knew it!

    2. I believe Shattered Reality is the playstation game. I played it. It was a shitty platformer and if you failed you got a scene where everyone got infested while Visser Three smugly crossed his arms in front of you.

      And I-I liked Estrid. I thought she was cute...

    3. Ha, I didn't even know about SR. No, this wasn't even on that level. It was like... I don't know, like a Flash game, maybe? Now that I'm thinking of it, I'm wondering if it wasn't on some fan site, because it was definitely pretty amateurish.

    4. Nah, I remember the flash game you're talking about. It was set in like a Pac-man like maze and you needed keys to unlock cages. It was really weird, and sadly from the official site.

    5. Yes! Anonymous knows what I'm talking about. Anonymous knows everything.

    6. Yeerk Pool, I think it was called. It was pretty bad, but credit where credit's due, it was 1998. Everyone had crappy Flash games then.

      Credit where credit's due on the official releases too, none of them were very good gameplay-wise, but they weren't totally irredeemable. The music in Shattered Reality and Know the Secret was pretty top-notch, and KTS gave you some pretty wacky morph options. I distinctly remember having a team of ostriches and llamas for the final fight.

      The Game Boy game, though, now THAT was horrible.

  6. I totally own the second card game. It wasn't bad. Wasn't great, but wasn't bad. It was a little too connected to the TV series for my taste and I wanted more morph cards.

    Also, re: violence

    I remember feeling extremely guilty about what I was reading because I was pretty sure my mother wouldn't have approved if she'd known the actual content of the books. The one AU Megamorphs book where Jake decides it would have been better if they never met Elfangor opened with a fight scene that still haunts me to this day.

  7. Wow, those were truly some terrible toys. There was one transformer that had a Taxxon turning into an alien, much the same way I someday hope to transform into a mammal.

  8. "Adam: What on earth is that thing to the right of Rachel, though?"

    It's supposed to be a still of Visser Three morphing to human (or vise-versa) from the tv show. (If it was a rhetorical question, I apologize for bringing up those mental scars for nothing.)

    I actually own Shattered Reality. The plot is that Visser Three found a crystal and tried to make a doomsday machine out of it in his basement, and then because of that, the crystal started to break apart time and space. All it was missing was Ifi's, "Now Edriss will see how smart I am! Ah ha ha ha ha!" and a cat to pop out from somewhere.

  9. Currently? A palatapus. But there's so much racism from other animals. They say that I'm not a "true" mammal because I lay eggs. So someday, I hope to transform into a tiger so that I can eat everyone who's been racist to me.

    (Incidentally, I did not come up with the joke in the previous comment. Credit for that joke goes to Sean Wills from the Intergalactic Academy.)

  10. I don't know if anyone here is particularily interested in this, but on a whim I recently decided to roleplay as Jake in a crossover RP over at TV Tropes. Tell me what you think of his initial signup sheet; I'll post updates if people want me to.

  11. On Animorph Merch:
    I once got an Animorph toy at McDonald's or some other random fast food restaurant. I think it was Tobias, but he was a transparent hawk, but he had a yellow thingy inside him, which the packaging called his "human soul."
    Not sure if they released any of the other guys like that.

    1. like on Buffy?
      Omg! Lets draw up angel and spike and TOBIOS comparisons

    2. Oh geez, I had one that was an Andalite Dome Ship that I got from a Taco Bell. I think there was a shadow puppet/flashlight thing, where if you pointed it dome side towards a wall and turned a knob Jake turned into a rhino (or something like that). It was actually a decent Dome ship toy, at the very least.

  12. There actually is an animorphs TV show, but i think it got cancelled back in like, 2001. it ended around episode 20.

  13. Y'all done for good? No chance you'll review the TV series or interview KAA and Michael Grant? They're pretty outgoing these days and would probably grant an interview.

    BTW, was Jake Mates involved with these recaps? I still can't believe that the baby KA had when she she was writing Animorphs is now all grown up and has his own Twitter.

    1. Pfft, we couldn't interview KAA or Michael Grant. If they so much as acknowledged us, Adam would lock himself in his closet and Ifi would mash the keyboard incoherently until someone finally carried her back to the pillow room.

    2. Jake wasn't involved in these reviews, I just gave him a shoutout because he was responsible for Applegate's reddit interview, which was a partial inspiration for this blog.

    3. I'm a journalist, so interviewing people is kind of my thing, if there ever was an interest in this.

    4. Hah! I hate to break it to you... but they probably already know about this blog. Michael Grant said on twitter that he's read Animorphs fanfic... maybe even Ifi's fanfic!

    5. He mentioned us on twitter once. I freaked out and panicked for about the rest of the day.

    6. Hmm I think actually his twitter is how I found out about you all! They are pretty cool people. Why freak out about talking to them? I went to a KAA book signing and she was as excited to meet a longtime fan as I was to meet my favorite author... she talked to me for like a half hour and gave me a hug. Then again I am the type of person who gets an adrenaline rush from talking to celebrities, so I seek out the famous people I admire (in appropriate venues like conventions and signings--I am not a stalker!!).

  14. I just found this. You can't possibly being ending the blog, can you? 8(

    1. Sorry, but we ran out of books.

    2. I really enjoyed reading your blog guys. The reviews were really well done and they brought back some great memories.

    3. Somebody actually recorded every episode of the TV show on VHS tapes, saved the tapes for a decade, then uploaded the show on Bit Torrent. (And no, that somebody was not me!) You still have some more content to review!

      And there's always Everworld.

    4. Also, the Animorphs (and Goosebumps) TV shows are on Netflix now - at least in the UK.

  15. I've never left a comment before, but I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job. All of your reviews are absolutely wonderful, and they once again brought to life the Animorph's world even years after cancellation. Animorphs was the first book I ever enjoyed reading as a child (#3 The Encounter to be more specific) and without them I would not be the person I am today. Thank you for doing this wonderful series justics.

  16. OH MY GOD WAIT can we talk about Shattered Reality some more, because I literally played that game one single time and vowed to never to do it again at the age of twelve. I'm pretty sure the "shattered reality" backstory was just an excuse to make the graphics as shitty and repetitive as possible. I'm kind of still mad about it tbh.

  17. Did anyone notice, the male Animorphs are totaly the A-team. You got the leader guy (Jake/Hannibal), the smart-ass pretty boy (Marco/Face), the flyer (Tobias/Murdock) and the tough guy of a different race who can beat up the enemy without weapons and whip up whatever tech they need for the mission (Ax/B.A.).

  18. Lol about Moms not caring about the content as long as you read. It's true. But I've just found this site and you're already finished.:o

  19. I had that Animorphs Aliens poster up all through college. It was a great conversation starter! I misplaced it in a move but hope to uncover it someday to frame it and put it back up in a prominent place in my adult home.

  20. This blog was awesome. And Ifi? Your fanfic is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Man, am I sorry that I only just now caught up to the series and this blog. I began reading the series in elementary school, and never made it past The Diversion (Evacuate ALL the Families!). I finally finished, and I just have to say thank you for all the nostalgia that this brought back to me. Cheers to you, Adam and Iffi!

  23. Thanks for the nostalgia! I'm crushed that I'm a year too late to read and comment while this was happening.

    1. right there with you on that Jonathon.

      BTY, thanks A&I, and u guys should review the toys and other junk.

  24. Those toys… shudder… I remember for the longest time I had these feet hanging around my Barbies. I believe they were tiger claws? Those things were ridiculous. And didn’t that T-Rex thingy just sound like Power Rangers? Sure, they were Mighty Morphin’, but the Animorphs are not the MMPR!
    I played Shattered Reality only a few times. I was confused by it and it was… not the best, sadly.

  25. omg one of my main issues with plot was that the Yeerks still try to murder everybody even after they get the morphing cube. I mean the whole reason they did all the invasion junk was because their own bodies stunk so bad. So they should have just went pew pew to the Animorphs and got some awesome morphs then gone to beat up Andalites. Instead they end up trying to finish conquering Earth when they didn't have to. I don't know is that just supposed to add drama or were the ghostwriters/ Ka Applegate just having being stupid???