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About Ifi:

Ifi is a robosexual young lady who dreams of being an author. She is a recent college grad with no job and no money.

Ifi spends most of her time eating candy and mourning the fact that she missed the Golden Age of Science Fiction by forty years.

She is going to single-handedly bring back cyberpunk.

She has terrible language.

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About Adam:

I have the rather sad bragging rights of owning just about every one of the Animorphs series. (Books #52 and #53, you will be mine someday, oh yesssss,) which explains how I got roped into this whole thing. I'm an illustrator by trade, and I have a fondness for giant monsters and awful puns, which will inevitably show up somewhere in here, as well as marine biology, which I am less sure of in this case. (Though we shall see.)

I may secretly be a mantis shrimp, though this is likely just a vicious rumor.

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